About Me

"With every block of clay lies a being waiting for me to discover"

Fi Hunter

You’ll find Fi busy in her studio in an old corner shop in Marlow, not far from London, where she sculps larger than life heads for people’s homes and gardens.

Sculpting them first in clay she then makes moulds before casting them in bronze as well as experimenting with unusual but suitable materials.

From walks along the Thames she collects washed up old pottery and foliage which she includes in her work along with recycled glass, bio plastics, stone and iron dust. Her work explores the fragility and strength of the human condition not just through the human facial expression but also through the materials them self.

After a long career as an award-winning art director in advertising in London, Cape Town and Amsterdam, Fi turned a hobby into a full-time passion. Her sculptures can now be found exhibited in several galleries across the country as well as featuring at all the top art fairs and sculpture parks.

Represented by:

Darl-E and The Bear Gallery Woodstock

Hayden Gallery Marlow

Atherton Green Art Surrey

Hannah Peschar Gallery

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